Some of the app features PayTix is FREE!!!! Gives you the ability to track your tickets and help you avoid late fees

Get daily notifications

Ticket not in the system yet? PayTix can send you daily reminders to pay your outstanding parking tickets.

Pay at your convenience

PayTix enables you, the public, to pay for your parking tickets in a fast and convenient manner. Most importantly, PayTix is FREE!!!! and does not charge a separate usage fee (Note: Some partner cities may charge a convenience fee to cover the cost of service to the public).

Highest level of security

PayTix never stores your credit card info and doesn't track your location. Since PayTix uses the same secure, PCI DSS payment service that our partner cities use, you can be assured that your data is safe and secure.

Here are some details

What is PayTix?

PayTix has partnered with cities across the U.S. to enable users to pay for parking tickets in a safe and secure mobile environment without any added usage fee other than a member City's convenience fee (if applicable). PayTix has direct connections to member cities parking systems and is a partner of the cities listed in our supported city list.

Why use PayTix?

Since PayTix is fully supported by member cities you can be assured that your payment is handled with the same security safe guards that are available to you on our member cities payment websites. We do not store your credit card data (anywhere) and we are fully PCI DSS compliant. When you pay for your parking tickets with PayTix, you are paying with the same service that processes payments for the member cities today. Also, since PayTix is supported by member cities we don’t have to spoof or hijack city payment websites. PayTix has native interfaces to our member cities systems. And oh, did we mention, PayTix is FREE!!!

Partner Cities

Where can I use PayTix?

PayTix is available in;

Cambridge, MA - Boston, MA - Newton, MA - Waltham, MA - Providence, RI - Philadelphia, PA - Washington, DC - Indianapolis, IN - Cleveland, OH - St. Louis, MO - Los Angeles, CA - West Hollywood, CA - Beverly Hills, CA - Los Angeles MTA, and San Francisco, CA

Some of the app screenshots PayTix is a super way to pay your parking tickets and avoid late fees.

Our awesome little team Anthony & Martin toiled day and night to come up with the most amazing app for paying parking tickets.

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PayTix is an app that enables users to pay for their parking tickets using the online payment processing facilities of the city in which they received a parking ticket. Hence, for customer service issues or inquiries regarding your parking ticket please call the phone number listed on the ticket or you can contact the parking bureau of the city that issued you the ticket. For PayTix technical support, please email us at

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